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The Golf Cavern



About Us

Our Facility has invested in (2) High-End Golf Simulators powered by Foresight Sports. Each bay features
a 7.5’ x 12’ Impact Screen, A GC Hawk Overhead Launch monitor with club data option that supports
left- and right-hand hitters conveniently and seamlessly, an HP Victus Gaming Console, and 4K Eiki
Projection. The facility has a modern and comfortable setting and bays can be separated by a curtain for privacy.
Club Data Information:
Our simulators are capable of measuring: Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Angle of Attack, Club Path,
Loft at Impact, Lie & Face Angle at Impact, Impact Location on Club Face.
They also measure detailed Ball Data including Launch Angle, Side Angle, Ball Speed, Total Spin, Carry,
Side Spin, Spin Axis.
Book a tee time at www.thegolfcavern.com and have a great time playing a round of golf, smacking
balls with friends while grabbing a bite to eat or get technical by getting to know your numbers.


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