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The Park Rapids Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce is the region’s largest membership-driven organization representing the interests of over 300 businesses and individuals.

Loon Island Funding

Loon Island Funding



About Us

At Loon Island Funding, we help business owners obtain ''revenue based' working capital and/or revolving lines-of-credit when the banks can't help. We even offer funding for the SELF-EMPLOYED 1099 and & ''gig'' workers!

Always a free consultation. We are a ''one stop'' shop with over 20 providers, we get you the best available offer.

There is NO collateral needed, NO application fee and there is NO hard credit pull to apply. Apply 24/7 with our automated system! 10 Billion in funding provided in the past 7 years!


I was so honored to be agency of the month for David Allen Capital.
Need revenue based funding for your business? We say yes when the banks can't!
Need a line of credit with NO Collateral? We love to fund business growth ideas!

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