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Boost Your Business by Hiring Freelancers

Running a small business is never easy, but the challenges increase dramatically if you're trying to do all the work yourself. Many small companies, especially when they're starting out, lack the funding they need to hire a team of employees to help with various business-related tasks. Outsourcing some of these tasks by hiring freelancers is a good way to grow your business while reducing some of your workload and stress.


Benefits of Hiring Freelancers

According to one study, 36% of the American workforce is made up of freelancers. With so many workers available, it makes sense to outsource specific business tasks to freelancers who specialize in that type of work. For example, freelance content writers have in-depth knowledge of how to create high-quality copy for your website, so it's a good idea to hire one to build your website instead of generating the content yourself if writing is not one of your strengths. 


Another advantage of working with freelancers is the fact that you do not have to offer them employee benefits. You work with freelancers on a contractual basis, so you can collaborate on certain projects or specific tasks rather than ongoing work. For this reason, you are not required to offer benefits like health insurance or workers' compensation.


If you are not willing to hire remote workers, you are limited to hiring team members who live locally and can commute to your company. You have a wider pool of candidates if you are willing to work with freelancers and communicate via technologies like video calls and e-mail to discuss work projects.


Preparing for Freelancers with PDF Tools from Adobe Acrobat

Freelancers, equipped with the knowledge and skill set of Adobe Acrobat tools and PDFs, can significantly reduce the operational strain often experienced by business owners. In an era where digital documentation has become central to business communications and transactions, the ability to generate a document online quickly is not just a luxury but a necessity. By creating interactive forms using Adobe Acrobat, freelancers can gather information seamlessly, fostering better engagement with stakeholders and clients. Plus, with Adobe Acrobat's advanced security features, documents can be protected against unauthorized access, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential.


Furthermore, the uniformity of PDFs when viewed across various devices and platforms guarantees that business communications remain consistent and intact, eliminating the need for multiple revisions or compatibility checks. This uniformity ensures that the recipient sees the document just as the sender intended. Also, by optimizing file sizes with Adobe Acrobat tools, freelancers can ensure faster sharing and access, saving valuable time for business owners.


Steps for Finding Freelancers

Before you can start connecting with freelancers to help with business tasks, you need to choose a business structure. A limited liability corporation is a wonderful choice for protecting your business and giving it the flexibility it needs to grow. Make sure you check the restrictions of your state regarding LLC formation before you begin the paperwork.


Finding freelancers to hire is similar to connecting with candidates who live locally. You can advertise your job position on social media and post to online job boards. Many freelancers have social media presences that list snippets of their portfolios so you can see a portion of their work. If you think a particular freelancer would be a good fit for your company, contact him or her to discuss the scope of your project and find out if the cost is within your budget.


Types of Jobs that Are Best for Freelancers

Freelancers are great for many business tasks, but there are some company projects you should tackle yourself. For example, interacting with your customers and filling orders is a task you should complete instead of leaving to freelancers. Smaller projects like graphic design and logo creation are better suited for freelance work. Any job that can be done on a contractual basis is a good task to outsource so you can focus on growing your business in other ways. Some great freelance jobs include:

  • Content creation

  • Marketing

  • Photography

  • Software development


Hiring freelancers is a cost-efficient alternative to having a team of employees. Use these tips to know how to find the best candidates and which business tasks you should outsource to freelancers.

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